Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to change Tilda font size & open URL links

I used to love YaKuake, the "Quake" like drop-down console that you can activate at the touch of a customized button (it's F1 for me). But Yakuake relies on KDE for GUI which makes it look UGLY on Ubuntu's default Gnome desktop manager. Found an GTK alternative aptly named ~ Tilda (I remembered Counterstrike console was triggered by ~)

But Tilda's default font size's really too big. The GTK preference window didn't have any options to choose fonts & size. Mucking around .tilda folder in home directory shows 2 config files


Where there's a config option for font size

font="Monospace 13"

Ah that's why it's so huge! Thought changing it will be a simple act of replacing the "Monospace 13" to "Monospace 10". However after restart Tilda keeps getting to original font string. Doing tilda --help shows there's a -f option. So all I have to do to change the font is execute the following during Gnome startup

tilda -f "Monospace 10"


tilda config files should only be edited with tilda closed. Else it will save the settings that before tilda was edited!

To open URL links, use "CTRL + Left click"

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