Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shortcut key maps for Vim in normal mode

Just created for myself a bunch of shortcut keys to access commands that I commonly use in VIM.

## Entries in my ~/.vimrc

:nmap tt :tabnew
:nmap tn :tabnext
:nmap tp :tabprevious
:nmap tf :tabfirst
:nmap tl :tablast
:nmap t1 :tabnext 1
:nmap t2 :tabnext 2
:nmap t3 :tabnext 3
:nmap t4 :tabnext 4
:nmap t5 :tabnext 5
:nmap t6 :tabnext 6
:nmap qq :q!
:nmap ww :w
:nmap zz :wq
:nmap ff
:nmap gg
:nmap ;w :set wrap
:nmap ;nw :set wrap!
:nmap ;;as :e ~/projects/aims
:nmap ;;jt :e ~/projects/jtab
:nmap ;;rs :e ~/projects/rsvp-api

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