Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top 3 hosted CI (continuous integration) for Rails apps

Here's my summary of top 3 hosted solutions for Rails continuous integration are:

- https://semaphoreapp.com/features
- https://www.circleci.com/
- Tddium

Tddium looks very configurable and gives power to the commandline, eg. run builds from local console on branches. $15/mth for 10 worker hours.


CircleCI had good reviews and sounded like it runs builds really fast. Like Tddium, it's configurable via a yaml file. No official price plans on website but responded via twitter that theirs plans starts from $19.


Semaphore selling point's their "simple stupid" approach to CI. Oauth via Github, add collaborators and boom. Runs are every git push and at a price of $14/mth, it seemed the cheapest of 'em lot.


My vote is for Semaphore since it's the cheapest and simplest to use for a small project.

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