Sunday, September 13, 2009

Status flags in Mutt

Taken from the online Mutt manual

Status Flags

In addition to who sent the message and the subject, a short summary of the disposition of each message is printed beside the message number. Zero or more of the following ``flags'' may appear, which mean:


message is deleted (is marked for deletion)


message have attachments marked for deletion


contains a PGP public key


message is new


message is old


message is PGP encrypted


message has been replied to


message is PGP signed, and the signature is succesfully verified


message is PGP signed


message is flagged


message is tagged

Some of the status flags can be turned on or off using

  • set-flag (default: w)
  • clear-flag (default: W)

Furthermore, the following flags reflect who the message is addressed to. They can be customized with the $to_chars variable.

+       message is to you and you only
T message is to you, but also to or cc'ed to others
C message is cc'ed to you
F message is from you
L message is sent to a subscribed mailing list

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