Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tips to use mobileterminal on iPhone


Hide the Keyboard

Tap twice quickly on the screen to hide the keyboard. Repeat to bring it back.

Control Characters

You can send a control-C by pressing the "bullet" key (First press ".?123", then "#+=", then the circle on the middle right), then press the C key. This can be useful when you want to escape out of a long running program such as ping. Control-C can also be accessed with a short Up-Right and Control is a short Down-Right swipe, after which the cursor will turn highlight red, from here press any character q, x, c, A to complete or the delete button to exit Control mode.

Escape is control-[ or a short Up-Left swip, which may come in handy with vi. Tab is control-I or a short Down-Left swip (yay tab completion).

Swipe Controls

Swipe Type Direction Action
Short Up-Right Control-C
Short Down-Right Control-
Short Up-Left Esc
Short Down-Left Tab
Short up/down/left/right arrow keys (respectively)
Long Up None (functions as up-arrow)
Long Down Enter
Long Left None
Long Right None
Two Finger Up Config
Two Finger Down Hide Keyboard
Two Finger Left Page-Up/Next
Two Finger Right Page-Down/PREV

None of the Two Finger Swipes seem to work right in 2.0 firmware

Multiple Terminals

Terminal comes with four terminal windows. Tap on the battery icon to go right, tap directally on the time to go left, and tap on the carrier name (AT&T or iPod) to crash Terminal (or do a really quick killall Terminal depending on how you look at it).

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